family storytelling

Not your typical family portraits.
Because the real stuff is what matters most.
The routines, the chaos, the little daily interactions is what you want to remember down the road.
No posing. No matching outfits. No rain reschedules. No fake smiles or unhappy participants.
Real moments. Real emotions. Real stories.
What will your love story look like?

tiny house photo documents authentic family portraits.


But Why Day In The Life?

I’m going to get brutally honest here.

Imagine this:

My family clients arrive late to the park they chose after rescheduling not once, but twice because of rain.

They are all wearing white and denim.

The kiddos are fighting and dad is obviously not interested in being there. Mom is constantly complaining about her terrible haircut and the weight she can’t lose.

I try my best to get the giggles, the laughter, the smiles.
The session is over and I’m emotionally drained.

I spend hours and days editing the images.
I send off the gallery, pretty pleased with what I’ve created.

I spend days obsessing and wondering whether the client loves their family portraits.

Weeks later I get an email asking if I can photoshop wrinkles and shave off pounds.

NOPE. I can not do this anymore.

No more manufactured memories, fake smiles, and dishonest family portraits. No more matching outfits, crowded parks or beaches, and no more rain reschedules.

Mom is yelling child is climbing on kitchen table and dog is on the kitchen table. Chaotic real life documentary family photograph.
A glimpse into the life of a new parent. A newborn is sleeping next to piles of laundry. Chaotic family portrait of what life actually looks like with a newborn.
Toddler making coffee in a keurig machine. Daddy stands by observing.

I only care to photograph the real stuff. Honest family photography.

The things you'll want to remember when your kids are all grown up.

The meltdowns, the family meals, how HARD it was to show up and be a parent every damn day. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The laughter, the tears, the soccer practice, dance recitals, the car rides and potty training.

The fart jokes, laughing fits and sibling squabbles.

The living room forts, playing dress up, walking the family dog and the chaotic trips to target.

Now imagine having an album with your day in the life experience to pass down to your kids when they are all grown up and ready to become parents themselves.

You will have an album to treasure. A family heirloom to pass down generation to generation.

I promise, your family’s real story is worth telling.


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