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Hi there! I’m Stephanie Lynn, the photographer and owner of Tiny House Photo. Photography has been a HUGE part of my life for over 24 years now! (Wow, I’m old!) I love working with rad couples to tell their love stories. LGBTQIA weddings are my jam because, well, I’m family! Tiny House Photo is all inclusive and all about creating beautiful images for every client! Love is love!

In 1998 I backpacked Europe for over two months. That was my first taste of adventure and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Adding stamps to my Passport is always fun. In the last few years I’ve been able to adventure in Canada, Mexico and Trinidad! My goal in the next five years is to document a wedding in all 50 states!!

Photography and travel are my true loves in life so let’s adventure soon! Where will your love story take me?!

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 but why tiny house?

A Tiny House  represents community, authenticity, nature, the ability to travel. All qualities that are inherent in my work whether it be weddings or documentary family photojournalism. A Tiny House will fit my lifestyle so perfectly.

Stephanie Lynn Photography, and then Steph Lynn Photo were my babies, my pride & joy, my businesses for the last decade. I have poured my heart and soul into my work. As my art evolves and my business continues to grow I realize it's time for some positive artistic and professional change. Tiny House Photo brings the same great service, exceptional portraits and quality print products but with a new name.

Tiny House Photo is an affirmation and a dream. What better way to catapult me to the next chapter of my life? I'll be updating the blog with the process of going Tiny when the time comes. My life goal is to relocate to the mountains and live in THOW (Tiny House on Wheels). I’ll be growing my own food, raising alpacas and booking weddings year round all over the United States. My career goal is to document a wedding in every state.



i found my why!

January 13th, 2018.

My best friend took his life after a life long battle with depression. I have learned so much about myself in the last year since his departure. As I look back through photographs, they tell a different story than reality. I want to photograph honestly and authentically. Because my clients deserve to have real memories documented.

Making all of these Tiny House dreams of mine come true for Adam. Because he would want it that way. He believed in me. He was my biggest cheerleader.



 Photography chose me…

Photography found me in 1995. Started with High School Newpaper, then Yearbook, then the Sun-Sentinel Next Generation Program. I worked after school for a wedding photographer in Fort Lauderdale. In college I lived in the darkroom, fixer is pretty much my favorite smell.

Photography has consumed me for more than half of my life now and I had no choice, really.



fun facts about stephanie

 ❤︎ My love affair with photography started in 1995 ❤︎ I love reading. Memoirs are my favorite ❤︎ Started my business in 2009 in California, moved to New York, and then settled back in Florida in 2012 ❤︎ I donate regularly to To Write Love On Her Arms, NPR and Amnesty International. ❤︎ Someday I plan on being a mom… to Alpacas, Sphynx cats, Baby Goats, a Pig and a Goldendoodle ❤︎ Have my sights set on Colorado, Vermont or North Carolina for my next move ❤︎ I L-O-V-E gardening and pride my green thumb! ❤︎ Love to crochet, badly ❤︎ Road trips are my jam  ❤︎ Vegan circa 2006 ❤︎ I’ve lived in 8 different cities in the last 10 years. ❤︎ Favorite Podcast: Beautiful Anonymous ❤︎ Love hiking + kayaking ❤︎ The Forest is my happy place ❤︎ Weddings make me so happy ❤︎ Self proclaimed coffee snob- living that french press life ❤︎