Tiny House Photo family documentary experience

An all day family adventure and a glimpse into your everyday life.

The Family Documentary Experience is real life, unposed and something every family should experience.

What is the Family Documentary Experience?

Where ordinary life becomes extraordinary in portraits. Family Documentary Experiences are 7 hours of UNPOSED photography coverage in home or on vacation. It offer a glimpse into your daily life from the most mundane things as eating breakfast or brushing teeth. What memories do you want to relive when your children are all grown up? The rituals, the routines and the actual memories instead of manufactured ones. Documentary Day In The Life sessions are a unique experience.

Not your typical family portraits.
Because the real stuff is what matters most.
The routines, the chaos, the little daily interactions is what you want to remember down the road.
No posing. No matching outfits. No rain reschedules. No fake smiles or unhappy participants.
Real moments. Real emotions. Real stories.

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Ready for your Documentary Family Experience?