The Nikkis Elope in Miami | Perez Art Museum Intimate Elopement | Wynwood Wedding Photographer

When we had our first conversation, they both expressed how they didn’t really love being photographed and how awkward they get. The second time I spoke with Nikki on the phone I swear we talked for three hours. The friendships we’ve forged are the forever kind.

Since they were traveling down to Miami from New Jersey for their elopement, I had to plan something really epic for them. So I did some witchy wedding photographer magic and booked their elopement at the Perez Art Museum on the Joy Terrace…. on a Wednesday… when PAMM is closed. Yup. This actually happened and I’m still shooketh. I sent them a few of my favorite wedding vendors and helped them piece together their day to be laid back, stress free and memorable AF.

Here’s what Nikki had to say about working with me.

Stephanie, how do we describe her photographic eye plus her attention to detail plus her ability to keep things within the time-frame that is important for your wedding day plus her humor plus her ability to capture every moment that you didn't even think could exist until you see the moment captured in a photo.
Her ability to capture those little mementos that touch your heart and make you cry PLUS her ability to make you feel so comfortable in front of the lens plus the fact that she LOVES what she does.
How do we describe Stephanie and Tiny House Photo?
Yes, we can sum her up by all of these things. She was the RIGHT choice.
Her attention and time was the best part of our day. SHE MADE THIS DAY SPECIAL FOR US.
My wife and I were beyond happy.
Stephanie took the care with us that I would imagine she would take with her own wedding day.

This elopement has been featured on Dancing With Her and went a little viral here and here. So honored to have been a part of this incredible day with these amazing ladies.

Love is Real Rings Miami Elopement
Two Brides Cheers Wedding Day Miami Beach Edition
Wedding Details Miami Beach Elopement
Miami Beach Edition Getting Ready Details Elopement-55.jpg
Miami Beach Edition Getting Ready Details Elopement-67.jpg
Beautiful Kreations Wedding Bouquet Miami Elopement
Beach View Miami Beach Edition Hotel
Yes Necklace Miami Beach Edition Elopement
Wedding Details Pink Diamonds Miami Beach Elopement
Miami Beach Edition Getting Ready Details Elopement-71.jpg
Miami Beach Edition Getting Ready Details Elopement-84.jpg
Miami Beach Edition First Look Elopement-5.jpg
Miami Beach Edition First Look Elopement-8.jpg
First Look Miami Beach Edition Elopement
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Couple Miami
Gorgeous Bride PAMM Miami
Bride Portrait Elopement LGBTQ Ceremony PAMM
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding-22.jpg
Two Brides Eloping Perez Art Museum Miami
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding
Perez Art Museum LGBT Elopement
Miami LGBT Wedding Ceremony PAMM
Miami Elopement Two Brides Tiny House Photo
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Couple
Emotional Elopement Ceremony Two Brides Miami
Rainbow Flare Lesbian Elopement Miami
Two Beautiful Brides Elope Miami
Gorgeous Lesbian Wedding PAMM Miami
Perez Art Museum Elopement Tiny House Photo LGBTQ Wedding Photographer
Emotional Moment LGBTQ Wedding Miami
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding-27.jpg
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding-28.jpg
PAMM Elopement Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding
Gorgeous Wynwood Elopement
Gorgeous Wynwood Elopement-13.jpg
Brides Feeding Each Other Pie on Elopement Day
Gorgeous Wynwood Elopement
Miami Elopement Stay Juicy
Two Gorgeous Brides Miami Elopement
Gorgeous Wynwood Elopement-43.jpg
Wynwood Elopement LGBTQ Couple Miami
Brides Laughing Wynwood Walls Miami
Hello Beautiful Mural Two Brides Wynwood Walls Miami
Two Gorgeous Brides LGBTQ Elopement Miami
Brides Holding Hands Wynwood Elopement
Gorgeous Wynwood Elopement Drinks

This amazing Elopement was made possible by these incredible Wedding Vendors:

Getting Ready Venue: Miami Beach Edition Hotel
Ceremony Venue: PAMM (special thanks to Hollie for making this happen for us!)

Officiant: Ceremonies with Cynthia

Bouquets: Beautiful Kreations
Rings: Written By Forest
Dress: BHLDN
Suit: Barneys / Lisa Perry
Makeup: Style me Elvi

Dessert: Fireman Derek’s Bakery

What will your love story look like?