13 Women Who Constantly Inspire Me. Celebrating a few Amazing Women on International Women's Day 2019

If you’re like me, you celebrate women every damn day. But since there’s an actual day dedicated to women being awesome, I’m here for that too.

So to celebrate this amazing day which recognizes women and their badassery, I decided to choose just a few of the many women who inspire me. From momma bears to business owners these women are doing big things out there in the world and they deserve to be recognized!


1. Claudia Zebersky. I met this amazing woman at a wedding last March (heyyyy it will be one year on 3/17!!!) I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her and her fiancé over the last year as they are planning their wedding day celebration for later this month. Claudia is a fellow creative and entrepreneur who also heads various boards, networking groups and runs her own business, Purplewing Studio. Claudia is one of the most spiritual and authentic women I have ever met and I love connecting with her and her amazing energy. Happy Women’s Day, Claudia.


2. Lauren Reskin is a musical badass and co-owner of Sweat Records in Miami. I met Lauren at a wedding (shocking, I know) and she is in my opinion, the only choice for a wedding DJ as she doesn’t play your typical top 40 wedding music. Lauren recently added a Record Label to her growing list of accomplishments. She is a badass in the Miami music scene. Happy Women’s Day, Lolo, YOU ROCK!


3. Angelique Santana is a very special person I met years ago through the vegan community. She is the happiest person I’ve ever met. Angelique is a kick ass vegan chef who also recently published her first cookbook, Food is Love. (Go buy it here) From personal cheffing to health and wellness advocating, this vegan powerhouse is living it up in New Jersey and currently working on cookbook number 2! Happy Women’s Day, Angelique! (Mmmm now I want crabby patties and empanadas!)


4. Karen Goldstein is the Deputy Director of NORML of Florida which is helping pave the way for getting marijuana legalized in the state of Florida. If there is an event anywhere in South Florida, you’ll be sure to find her, collecting signatures to make things happen in the marijuana world. Karen has dealt with too many tragedies over the past few years losing her husband, her son (my best friend, Adam) and her son’s best friend that lived with the family. Even with all of the loss she’s been dealt, Karen is still fighting every day for marijuana rights. Happy Women’s Day, Karen.


5. Liza Helgoe, Pediatric Oncology Nurse (can you say hero?!?!?), Advocare Wellness Rep and killing it in the mom game! This amazing lady is all about health, wellness and providing for her growing family. She’s super authentic and always showing up for her friends and clients. I’ve known Liza since high school so it’s been fun to watch her journey into adulthood and watch her kick life’s butt. Keep doing amazing things, Liza, Happy Women’s Day!


6. Lauren Light is mother to four, step mom to two, has a rambunctious puppy and 2 guinea pigs and then launched a successful business last year. (Next Step Senior Relocation) She’ll relocate your nanny and / or pop pop to assisted living for you. She’s so incredible and I have no idea how she manages all of these responsibilities, but somehow she does and with a smile on her face. This wonder woman will someday write a memoir from her hilarious facebook statuses over the years. Love you, Lauren!


7. Emily Beans is an educational consultant for children of all abilities and one of my favorite people. Emily is changing the way we talk about children with disabilities and always advocating for teachers and families. She’s a badass in the education world and momma to three incredible teens! Here’s her facebook page if you’re interested in learning more about her education consulting!


8. Marcella Kerbain and I connected when I lived in Oakland, CA. She’s been a really great friend over the years and I’ve watched her from afar continue to flourish in a city that makes or breaks you. Marcella is a beacon of light in the education world, a yoga instructor, a devout vegan educating others about animal cruelty, a feral cat mom and is now in the process of starting her own business as a personal organizer. Thriving in the Bay area takes a constant hustle if you aren’t a part of the tech world and it has been inspiring to watch Marcella continue to do what she loves in my favorite city.


9. Cynthia Capaccio is my favorite wedding officiant and the only one that I refer to my couples. She brings such joy to every wedding day, isn’t afraid of being vulnerable and has the best most sparkly personality. Just ask any of my couples! Her laughter is infectious and she’s an absolute joy to be around. Keep on being the light, Cynthia! Happy Women’s Day!


10. Shelbey Chiavari started PAC Pastries with a food truck, sells her goodies wholesale to restaurants, juice bars and vegan cafes all over South Florida. Just a few months ago, Shelbey opened her first brick & mortar. If you’re in the Wilton Manors area, swing by her adorable bakery for a cereal mylk latte, a krunkin and a slice of cake! YUM. A much needed addition to the gayborhood! Proud of you, Shelbey!


11. Lauren Odman is a newcomer to the political scene but she’s ready to do the work and represent her fellow neighbors of Dania Beach! Lauren wears all the hats as a Pediatric ER Nurse, Dania Beach City Commissioner / Vice Mayor and one kick ass mom! Lauren is definitely one to watch in the world of Florida politics.


12. Marissa Hope is a South Florida psychic medium who connects the living with those who have left this world. I totally understand the non believers, but when you witness her in a session, you’ll see that her abilities are authentic as can be. Love my chart reading, tarot card pulling, sage burning, witchy friend! Marissa also excels with astrological charts. If you’re interested in connecting with her, check out her website here!


13. Christina Sullivan is an all around badass. She’s a yoga instructor, mom to an incredibly talented son, educator for children with disabilities and she is a cancer survivor who lives her best life. Her positive attitude and zest for life is so much fun to witness. Keep being you, Christina! Happy Women’s Day!

I’m inspired by SO many women, womyn and non-binary femmes out there in the world. A few of my favorite famous femmes include:

Ericka Hart
Megan Allen of Studio 22 Photography
Erika Mann of Two Mann Studios
Kristen Bell
Shonda Rhimes
and of course, Michelle Obama.

I look up to these incredible humans for SO many reasons. Every day they show up and put good energy and work out into the world. I’m so incredibly inspired by them and their path. Happy Women’s Day! Keep shining!